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We are so lucky to have discovered Fruits of the Forest when my son was 2.  Our Monday mornings were spent invaluably in the forest where Ruth creates opportunities for precious moments between Mum and Son and we threw ourselves into: the mud, potions and crafts wholeheartedly every week. Plating a sunflower on a family day seeded an ever growing love of nature in Sebastian who, weeks after watching his sunflower grow to tower above him, carried a gifted tomato plant through a town, whispering to it all of the way back to the car, telling it that he would take care of it and then remembering daily and independently to water it. Ruth instilled this love of nature and it’s wonderful to see.
He used flint and steel to start his first fire; used a saw to make a whistle and learned to balance on stilts. I wouldn’t have thought these things would be possible for at such a young age but Ruth fills her forest school with invaluable learning opportunities, perfect for making memories.
We are so grateful for the unique, priceless experiences we have shared. Ruth and Fruits of the Forest will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Alex - Mum

Mini Beasts

Wow firstly what a wonderful and fun woman Ruth is, very well done for making it a great experience. The kids and big kids had an awesome time, such a great place to hold a birthday party. Outdoor fun and learning. Highly recommended a real local treasure. Thank you!   

Jo- Mum of 5 year old Curtis

Woodland Birthday Party

Forest school made my child want to come to school. He benefited so much from learning in a different way. Being outside with nature & learning that way is so much better for my child than a normal classroom setting. It helps him see school in a more positive light


School Sessions

Just had a fantastic afternoon doing forest School all three children absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave! Perfect afternoon thank you!!!

Jonathon - Dad

Family Sessions

Having Ruth deliver our Forest School provision has been fantastic.

In fact, a teaching assistant said recruiting Ruth was the 'best decision' that I had ever made. Every week you can see the children growing a little more confident and a little braver. Ruth's approach ensures children are safe and conscious of their own wellbeing and that of others, but it also give them permission to just be children and enjoy playing with one another in the most pure and natural way. It is universally loved by teachers, support staff, parents, and most importantly the children!

Alex- Headteacher

Had a fabulous evening in forest school tonight with the Brownies. So much laughter and fun. It was amazing watching the girls hunt for bugs, play, do crafts, perform and enjoy themselves. They went home tired but happy and all of them can’t wait for our next visit. Thank you Ruth for a wonderful experience. 

Michele - 4th Pedmore Brownies

Group Sessions

At Withymoor we have worked successfully with Ruth and her business, Fruits of the Forest, for a couple of years now, and this partnership has enabled a number of our pupils to access the wonder of outdoors learning. We have also been able to offer an after-school cooking club through Ruth's business, and this has proved to be a great hit with children. Ruth is knowledgeable, reliable, great to work with, and the services she provides are good value for school. Without Fruits of the Forest, we would have struggled to provide such amazing experiences for our pupils! I can highly recommend!

Alison- Head Teacher


Take a look at what folk have had to say... extremely grateful for their kind words.

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