forest school and outdoor learning in the curriculum

The aim of these sessions is to encourage the children to get outside, have the freedom to play and develop their learning and creativity whilst gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world. The children will learn skills such as lighting fires and using tools. The main emphasis is for children to enjoy themselves and have fun!

Forest School in the curriculum should be run with at least six weekly sessions. This allows the children to have time to adapt to learning outside. The session are mainly child initiated, whatever their age, allowing them to play and develop their learning at their own pace. 

There is an option to complete a Forest School Skills Progression Award, whereby they can learn new skills and deepen their learning over the course of the session and receive a certificate on completion. Click here to learn more about the Skills Progression Award programme

Forest School sessions are varied and fun. Activities available to the children include natural crafts, clay, working with willow, playing in the digging pit, den building and knot skills. Children will experience having a fire and will have the opportunity to use a flint and steel, gain knowledge and understanding of fire, the importance of safety, collection of wood, learning to understand what wood is best for burning and will experience the safe way to extinguish a fire. The level and involvement of each of these skills will depend on their ability and experience.


Besides learning new Forest School skills, the sessions are a great way to develop team building skills. Activities can be related to that of the classroom curriculum if applicable so that children can strengthen their knowledge within a different environment.


Each week children will also learn the importance of mindfulness and start to practice some basic meditation. The aim is to give the children the skills to learn to reflect, appreciate the natural world as well as giving them time to relax and to feel the benefits of doing so.

I can also offer schools taster days or shortened programmes of sessions for all ages of primary aged children.  Sessions can be adapted to meet your needs and requirements and could be a curriculum focus.