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cooking in the curriculum 

 Having worked as a childhood obesity specialist, I think it incredibly important for children to learn about healthy eating, develop a passion for food by learning to prepare and cook a range of recipes which will provide them with great life skills. Therefore I am able to offer schools a comprehensive cooking in the curriculum training for primary schools.

Comprehensive  cooking in the curriculum programme for children aged 4 - 11 years which includes:

  • One day training which includes both theoretical and practical skills, preparing at least 2 recipes for up to 12 members of staff

  • Links to the DT curriculum and the School Food Plan

  • Provision of a whole school annual recipe plan, based on each year group cooking once a term, but can offer recipes for every half term.

  • Recipes are individually planned based on the cooking facilities that school have.

  • All recipes are formatted in the same way with simple single step instructions which makes it easier to teach and for pupils to follow

  • Recipes are based on providing the pupils life skills to be able to cook and allow for skill progression

  • Skill progression chart provided 

  • Hard and electronic copies of recipes provided




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